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Your comprehensive plastic surgery guide and resource. We provide you with extensive information about reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery for various parts of the body, including its benefits, possible risks and side effects, procedure, recovery process and costs.

Plastic Surgery enables people who are unhappy with their physical appearances to enhance their image and physical beauty. The suitable plastic surgery gives them the power to face the world with their desired aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Although the name consists of the word plastic, Plastic Surgery does not necessarily mean that patients will end up with a fake face. In fact, the word “Plastic” is derived from a Greek word plastikos, which means to mold or form. Simply put, Plastic Surgery is a special kind of surgery, which involves the person’s physical appearance and its ability to function. Plastic Surgery is divided into two distinct procedures – reconstructive and cosmetic.

Plastic Surgery, whether reconstructive or aesthetic, encourages a strong and positive self-image. Even the smallest change can create an astonishing psychological change, which results in the development of a person’s self-confidence.

Although surgeons practicing Plastic Surgery will strive to enhance the patient’s appearance and self-image, it is still important to have a clear understanding, prior to your scheduled surgery, of how a particular surgery will make you feel. All kinds of procedure under Plastic Surgery will bring a large change in your life. Let us help you determine your options and considerations in deciding a certain procedure based on knowledge.