Transgender Surgery Risks
Transgender Surgery Risks

Transgender Surgery Risks

Practically all surgeries are fraught with some degree of risks and complications. The transgender surgery is an irreversible procedure; consequently, you ought to have no doubts or hesitation at all about acknowledging the result of the surgery.

Transgender Surgery Risks

• Bleeding: is quite frequently seen; blood tends to ooze around the dressing on the first day after the surgery due to bleeding through the stump of urethral opening.

• Infections: it is likely that wound infections may arise; nonetheless, these are effectively managed with anti-biotics.

• Wound disruption: could develop at the faucet of the reconstructed vaginal perineum due to a lot of tension in the region; however, this will heal within 30 – 40 days.

• Short vagina: by and large, the surgeon promises you a depth of approximately 5 inches; the vaginal canal gets deeper after a few months as a result of maturation of the scar tissue and elasticity. If the vagina is very short, a second surgery may be carried out after 6 months.

• Difficulty while urinating: after the catheter is removed, you may experience some problem while passing urine. This occurs due to swelling of the stump at the urethral opening. Within a few days you will be able to pass urine normally.

• Recto-vaginal fistula: may develop in some cases; i.e. a breach or space develops between the rectum and the vagina.

• Metoidioplasty is often associated with quite a few complications. The procedure entails large amount of tissue transfer; therefore, there will be some post-operative swelling.

• Other complications seen are: smaller length of the penis, loss of sensation or constant hypersensitivity, torquing of the clitoris, necrosis (cell death) of the tissue, tenderness, urethral fistula and narrowing of the urethra.

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