Transgender Surgery
Transgender Surgery

Transgender Surgery

Transgender surgery is a procedure wherein an individual’s appearance and function of the present sexual characteristics are modified to appear like that of the opposite gender. Terminologies such as masculinizing genitoplasty, feminizing genitoplasty, sex change operation, gender reassignment surgery and sex reassignment surgery are also used.

Medically essential Transgender operations comprise of: complete hysterectomy, chest reconstruction or augmentation, bilateral mastectomy, and genital reconstruction.

For sex change to men, genital recreation entails: construction of the penis, mastectomy, chest reconstruction and a total hysterectomy, whilst, for sex change to women, genital reconstruction includes: structuring of the vagina and breast enhancement. For both cases, the surgery may involve other medically essential auxiliary procedures, such as orchiectomy or vaginectomy.

Male to Female Transgender Surgery

• The principle objective of this surgical procedure is to proffer an aesthetic and a functional result that will permit natural intercourse.

• The surgery involves construction of a vagina, vulva, labia and clitoris.

• Dildos need to be worn for some time every day to help lengthen the deepness of the vaginal canal.

• Sexual activity can be returned to after complete healing of the surgical wounds takes place


This procedure is the surgical removal of the testes, and is conducted for those people who wish to get rid of the ‘testosterone rush’ and acquire some degree of feminization, with no need for a vaginoplasty and total penectomy. It is a permanent procedure; therefore, you will need 2 notifications of surgery-approval. It is mandatory that one of the therapists (sex worker or psychologist, or psychiatrist) should possess a doctoral degree, and should have known the patient for a substantial time period.


Labiaplasty involves reduction of the labia minora; the labial axis is conjugated to the frontal midline through the operation. Redundant clitoral hood tissue is trimmed during the procedure. The surgery is conducted on an out-patient basis. It is also a good option for those women who have excessive amounts of superfluous labia and experience some discomfort. This procedure is decidedly beneficial for women who complain of discomfort whilst sitting and walking, difficulty during intercourse and fail to keep good hygiene levels during the menses and after defecation. Sexual activity can be resumed within 6 weeks.

Female to Male Transgender Surgery

• The main aim of the surgery is to make available a functional and attractive result which will allow natural intercourse.

• The surgery consists of reconstruction of the penis and testicular implantation within the labia.

• Sexual activity can be resumed after the surgical wounds have healed.


Metoidioplasty is the surgery that recreates the penis; this procedure offers you the advantage of very little surgical involvement with continuance of the natural sensations and the erectile function.

The hood of the clitoris is elevated and the clitoral suspensory ligament is excised from the pubis, thereby, allowing the clitoris to become bigger. The embryonic urethral plate is excised from under the clitoris in order to permit an outward spreading out and a perceptible erection.

Penile Implantation

Penile prosthesis helps in penetration during the sexual intercourse.

Testicular Implantation in to the Labia

To get the labia majora prepared for testicular implantation, a tissue expander is employed for several months. This will facilitate the construction of a more aesthetic scrotal appearance.

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